RED announces new line of DSMC’s

There’s a new abbreviation to get accustomed to – DSMC: Digital Stills Movie Camera. With the merger of professional stills and professional video in DSLR-like bodies, we have a ‘new’ medium.

Red Scarlett modular

Red Scarlett modular

RED is an innovative camera company run by Jim Jannard. The previous flagship, RED One, was a revolution in digital movie capture, allowing RAW video footage (yes, just like RAW stills). Now Red has announced a whole new line of Digital Stills Movie Cameras, including the Epic and Scarlett systems. The systems are modular and interchangeable, for instance, you are able to use both Nikon and Canon glass. And the chips goes from 3k to a whopping 28k! in size.

Michael Reichmann of Luminous Landscape gives us the lowdown on this new line of gear.


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