Nikon D400 rumor

So, even though this is unofficial in my part of the world, a Russian magazine had an article on an upcoming Nikon D400, a successor to the popular and coveted Nikon D300.

I’ve read a Danish translation of the article that listed these specs:

ISO 100-6400
Up to 7 frames pr second (probably in crop mode?).
And video in 1080p, 24FPS.

The video part is interesting, because not only is it 1080p, like in the Canon 5D II, but Nikon also seems to have listened to the critics of the Canon 5D IIs 30FPS video, and implemented the more ‘movie like’ 24FPS video mode.

The camera will take UDMA CF cards, and has an LCD with 922.000 pixels, which automatically dims and brightens depending on ambient light.

Price is anyones guess, but in Russia, it will list for around US$2000 (supposedly, cameras are more expensive in Russia compared to the US).


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