Worlds fastest camera

My Canon 40D has an impressive 6.5 second frame rate. Fast enough for the occasional animation shoot. About a year ago, I got acquainted with Casios Exilim Pro EX-F1. It can do 60 FPS in full resolution, and up to 1200 FPS in a small format (336 x 96). Today, we use this camera for rocket engine tests.

Even this speed is effectively dwarfed though, by the Steam Camera. Capturing 6 million FPS(!) @ shutter speed of 440 trillionths of a second, and, for now, comprising of only a single ‘pixel’, this detector is potentially useful for analyzing flowing blood samples in the medical field.

A quick quote from the BBC article explains a bit of the underlying science:

It works by using a fast laser pulse dispersed in space and then stretched in time and detected electronically.

So thats clear, then.


Capture One 4.7 released

Phase One has released version 4.7 of their RAW developer, Capture One.

New features include a brand new file format, the EIP format, which combines lens correction data with the RAW file.
Tiff, JPG images can now be manipulated in the software. And tethered shooting is now included for Canon EOS 5DII and Nikon D3X.