In support of a lazy photographer

Hi. I know not much is happening around here. Did you check out the techniques already?

I can be one lazy photographer.

But you know what? Some of my favourite shots I took right here, at home. In my apartment. Or I took two steps out onto my balcony and let my camera capture the scene I saw, right there and then. When nature gives you gifts like these amazing dramas in the sky, and litterally drops them in your lap, its just a matter of being mentally prepared to capture them – both with your mind and with your camera. I call it calculated luck – but you may call it lazy photography.

A white christmas

I apologize for the non-updates over the past few weeks, but news is slow at this time of the year, and instead of re-iterating the black-spots-on-5D-II hysteria and posting the obligatory link to Sony a900-Nikon 3dx-Canon 5DII comparisons, I’ve chosen to let Christmas peace settle on my blog.

I wish you all a very merry christmas and New Year, and I hope to serve you even better in the new year.

But, since its literally t-shirt weather in my area (Denmark), to fake a white christmas, here’s a link to Canons white papers on the new Canons (PDF).

One month with Imaging Professional

Dear readers,

Our first month is complete here at Imaging Pro, and I wanted to thank you all for visiting.

We’ve had 663 visitors since sep 25. and I think that is a good start.

The most popular posts has been the Vincent Laforet 5D Mark II video article, followed by Adobe announces Creative Suite 4 and Tineye – the image search engine.

There have been 19 posts in 4 categories, with 86 tags and 13 comments during the last month, and the busiest day were september 26th with 94 visitors.

If you have ideas or comments to this blog so far, feel free to leave them at this post.

Next month will see the introduction of more original material, including CS4 tutorials.

Again, thanks for stopping by!


Welcome to imagingpro blog

This blog will focus on all aspects of digital imaging, in particular photography, software, technology and tips & techniques. Forgive me as I am not a writer, nor is english my first language, but if you are a photographer or digital imaging specialist – or if you want to be – I promise there’ll be plenty of posts of interest here for you. Welcome!