Random photograph #3

Mathias Vejerslev

What do I have in common with the great David Lynch? Probably more than I realise, but at the very least both of us have done a commercial stint for Nissan Micra. The strange pattern on 'my' car is supposed to disguise it as a leather handbag - this posed an interesting challenge to portray! There is no artificial light on any of these photos, and the entire shoot took only a couple of hours - postprocessing a bit longer. HDR merge via Photoshop and Photomatix. Click photo for more. Photo: Mathias Vejerslev.

David Lynch Micra commercial on YouTube


Random photograph #2

My local cemetary currently features all the colors of nature. How about yours? Feel free to leave a comment with your best fall photo. 50mm 1.4, 3-shot HDR merge via Photoshop CS4 and Photomatix Pro 3.0. Photo: Mathias Vejerslev. Click for larger version.