Beta camera profiles for Camera Raw

This is kind of old news, but maybe you did not know.

Adobe provides new and improved beta color profiles for all cameras over at Adobe Labs. Adobes new standard profile improves color rendering all over, but particularly in the red / yellow spectrum – where red were kind of orange with previous profiles, you can now get deep red.

But there’s more! Adobe now also offers camera specific profiles that closely mimic the otherwise proprietary color renderings of cameras, for instance Canons ‘Picture Styles’.

You must be using Camera Raw 4.5 or later, or Lightroom 2 Final to utilize these profiles. They will likely be standard in CR5.

There’s also a new DNG spec and a DNG profile editor available on the same page.

UPDATE: With CS4 now shipping, it turns out the new profiles are available, but not standard in CR5 (standard remains the CR 4.4 profile). Its fine that the beta period is prolonged a bit to find any errors. Maybe they will be standard in CR 5.1 due very shortly.